Managing partners

More visible sponsors effortlessly

Ensure visibility of your partners in all media

One tool for image management and the relationship with your sponsors


Sponsorship is a key element in the life of a club. Whether for friendship or for visibility, each sponsor wants to establish a harmonious relationship with the club and that it promotes its brand or its product.

To ensure that each sponsor enjoys a flawless visibilty and in line with expectations, Mitivu offers a tool for visibility management and the relationship with partners and sponsors.

Each his trade

The Mitivu Partners tool allows the sponsorship manager deal only of it and not having to worry about updating the website or the TV screen, for example.

A simplified control of the visibility

Mitivu Partners allows simple control of many places where the brand of a sponsor is visible, for example on the web, on a TV screen or a newsletter. Within seconds, a sponsor will be broadcast on the media to which it has subscribed, and only those, for the duration of his contract.


If you already have a website, it is simple to relay the information from the platform Mitivu Partners. We can easily assist you.