Founded in 2015, Mitivu aims to fullfill needs of sports clubs and association in efficient communication. Solutions are proposed for common issues like availability of volunteers for such tasks, or the large amount of medias and social networks connecting the members to their favorite club.

Arnaud Germain, founder

Engineer since more than 15 years in semiconductor sector and volunteer in communication in a large sport club.I am very aware of all needs of a sport club or an association for an optimal communication between a club, its members and all its volunteers. I'm passionate about digital communications and all technologies available to make it efficient while limiting effort and time required by its responsibles.
Therefore, I developped a full custom solution able to fullfill the needs of sport clubs (football, hockey, tennis, golf, basket, athletics, rugby, volley) or associations in cultural or education sector.
All these having in common a close relationship with their members and willing an efficient communication.